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Cucumber Trumpet Homemade Musical Instrument

Cucumber Trumpet Homemade Musical Instrument is very unique. Have you ever play a music using homemade musical instrument which contain vitamins ? One more homemade musical instrument from vegetable video i found in youtube. On this video you can see a man play a music using cucumber. This video uploaded by heita3 and until i am publish this post that video have been watched more than 2.000.000 views.

Carrot Clarinet Unique Musical Instrument

Carrot Clarinet Unique Musical Instrument. This is my blog post for you today. Have you read my older post about homemade musical instrument from vegetable? now i will share to you about something related with my older post, i will share to you one most popular video on youtube. This video uploaded by SquealyD on april 22 2008. And until now this video have been watched 1,325,866 views.

Homemade Musical Instrument from vegetable ?

Homemade Musical Instrument from vegetable ? what do you think about the title of this blog post ? maybe you laugh and don't believe that. But don't say that you don't believe it after you watch this video. This video will showing you a men play a music using vegetable. The man on this video use a carrot as a musical instrument. Are you interest to watch it? just play this video.

Homemade Musical Instrument from PVC Pipe

Homemade musical instrument from PVC pipe can build for your child. This instrument didn't need a lot of material for have a unique tone. You only need many PVC pipes, aluminum for frame, and sandals to bat. And don't forget prepare your home improvement tool like saw to cut the PVC pipe. Screwdriver to paste your pipes in aluminum frame and nut.