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Play The Travolette Musical Instrument

In this post i will share about american native musical percussion intrument. This is called The Travolette. Ever hear about it? this is an musical intrument made out of woods, like tubes, have an hole and you must use stick and your hand to play this musical instrument.

3 String Slide Guitar Out Of Cardboard

In this video you will look about 3 string slide guitar. I hope you inspired to make it too, and share your video tutorial to make it here.

How To Repair Guitar Jack

hey are you want to repair your guitar jack? i think you should watch this video if your guitar jack have any problem.

Marimba Remix Lopper

Are you search for marimba remix looper? you must watch this video guys, and don't forget to leave comments here.

Make Your Iphone As Ocarina

Hey you can use your iphone as an ocarina, interest about it? just play this video, you will shocked. You can download this application for your iphone in application store.

How To Make A Doll Piano

I share about doll piano today, i hope this video can help you to make doll piano musical instrument guys.

Unique Musical Intruments, 16 Key Oak Tongue Drum

Hey guys, are you wanna know about unique musical instrument? i found something in youtube, its an unique musical instrument called 16 key oak tongue drum. Wanna hear the sound? play this video guys,

How To Make Saxophone Out Of Plastic

Hello, are you want to make your own saxophone without spend a lot of money? i think you can try this tutorial about how to make it out of plastic.

How To Make a Rindik Balinese Bamboo Xylophone

I will share about balinese bamboo xylophone, it's called Rindik in indonesia. I share a video about how to make a rindik xylophone

How to Make Vietnam Bamboo Xylophone

Hei you should know about vietnam bamboo xylophone, the sounds hears good. Wanna try to make it? you can watch this video as a reference.

How This Pipe Organ Works

You must watch this video too, after you read my preiously post abou how to make PVC pedal pipe oragan. In this video you will know how it works.

How To Make PVC Pedal Pipe Organ

Are you want to make PVC pedal pipe organ? i think you can watch this video, although this video didn't show setep by step how to make it, but i think can give you inspiration guys.

How to make an Electric Drum

Are you wanna to make an electric drum? you should watch this video before. This video will show you about how to make it.

Make Electric Ukulele in $4

Watch this awesome video guys. This is about make an electric ukulele musical intrument less then $5. Are you interest about it?

Homemade Tennis Racquet Banjo Ukulele

You can transform anything to musical instrument. Like in this video you can watch tennis racquet transform into banjo ukulele musical instrument guys.

Make Homemade Cookie Tin Ukulele

YOu ever know about homemade ukulele made from your kitchen tools? you should watch this homemade cookie tin ukulele guys. I hope this is can inspiring you.

Make Tissue Box Guitar

Hey, are you search many idea to make musical instrument craft? i think you can try this tissue box guitar. Try this homemade musical instrument guy.

Make Pipe Marimba

Are you want to build pipe marimba? i have a lot of video that i found in youtube, i think this video can help you to make your own marimba.

Marimba for Music Theraphy

Are you wanna try musical theraphy? you should try marimba musical intrument theraphy, maybe it's so funny.

Washington Park Marimba

Ever watch marimba concert? in washington maybe you will see marimba concert like in this video guys.

PVC Marimba Musical Instrument

Ever know about marimba that made out of PVC pipe? watch this video guys, you will know about tubed PVC marimba.

Play Marimba in Piano

Are you can play marimba musical instrument in piano? i think this video will be interest for you guys.

Bufallo Marimba in Taipei Musical Instrument

There is bufallo marimba in taipei musical instrument, wanna watch it? lets play this video.

Introdution marimba Musical Instrument

If you never know about marimba before, i think this video can show you to know about marimba musical instrument. Look at the video to know what is marimba?

Electronic Marimba

Are you ever know about electronic marimba guys? you must see this video to know about it, check this out guys.

One Direction Marimba Cover

Ever hear one song from one direction like a what makes you beautiful in marimba cover song? hear this beat guys, this is awesome.

Free How To Make Marimba Ebook

Hello, are you try to find how to make marimba but it's not to details? i think you can download this ebooks. This is ebooks how to make marimba. just click this link for instant download, no signup required. And it's an alternative ebooks, and and

Make Marimba Keys

I share about make marimba keys today, i hope you can try it at your home too.

Build Prefessional Marimba

Are you marima musical instrument makers? i think this video very cool for you. Don't miss it.

Step by Step Make Marimba

This step by step turorial about how to make marimba musical instrument guys. I hope you can understand with this video.

Homemade Marimba

This is a homemade marimba which values 500 euro. This homemade marimba musical instrument created in 9 months and 20 days.

Homemade Glass Marimba

Usually marimba made out of woods, but this man make it out of glass, interesting? watch this video guys.

Robotic Xylophone

Aver hear about robotic xylohpone? in this video you can watch about make robotic xylophone documentation guys.

Make a Unique Paper Xylophone

Make a Paper xylopone is so funny, you must try and play it guys.

Crafting A Marimba

Lets crafting your marimba, in this post i share an vidoe about it. Thanks for Isaiah Corey for uploading a cool video about marimba.

Homemade PVC Flute Demo

Every flute have a different tone, its usually about the diameter, about your hole and etc. You can try your flute, maybe it have not a great sound.

Make Your Own PVC Flute Part II

This is the part two of how to make your own pvc flute guys. Sorry for make you waiting. I hope this video can help you.

Make Your Own PVC Flute Part I

Hello guys, i will share about how to make your own PVC flute part one. Part two i will share tomorrow. I hope you be patient to wait it.

Make Native American Flute Out Of Sumac

native American Flute is a unique musical instrument, you can make it uot of a lot of material. In this video you can make it out of sumac.

Make Cherokee Flute

This is a video tutorial about how to make native american flute and cherokee flute. This video in realtime guys.

Make Sistar Musical Instrument

Sistar is a string musical instrument, you want to know how to make a sistar? i hope this video can answer your question.

Make a Set Of Tabla More Detail

This is video about how to make a tabla more detail guys. I hope this video can help you understand the video before this post.

Make A Tabla

You know about tabla? this is like a drum, but have an smoothly sound. Watch this video guys, and make it at your home.

Make Udu Out Of Ceramic

Still post about how to make udu again. In this video you will know how to make it out of ceramic guys.

Making an Udu Drum

This another video about how to make an udu drum. I hope this video can help you get detail if the last video i post about it not clear.

Make Udu Musical Instrument

Before this post i share about udu musical instrument demos. Int this section i will share about how to make udu.

Udu Drum Musical Instrument Demo

You know about udu drum? this is a traditional musical instrument. It's have a unique tone. Let's hear the demo guys.

Amazing Instrument, Water Drum

Ever play a water drum? or you never know it before. This is the video guys, and don't shocked because you can make a musical instrument more that it.

Make Snare Drum Simply for Kids

Helo kids, wanna to make a craft? you can make a snare drum simply in this week. Just see this video.

Make a Native American Drum Out Of Oatmeal Box

Wanna make a drum with your child? i think this video can help your children to make a drum set crat. This is video about native american drum. You need outmeal box to create it.

Make Maracas Out Of Recycled

Lets make musical instrument again. Today i share about make maracas musical instrument out of recycled materials. Watch this video guys.

5 Tips To Improve Drumming

Hello drummer, i share about improve drumming tips today. I hope this video can help you be a real drummer. And don't forget to tell the world about your opinion with your drum. This is the video, enjoy it.

Sony Rolly, Music And Technology

Ever hear about sony rolly? you can watch this awesome technology. :)

Super Man, Michael Have 10000 Voice

Michael Winslow have 10000 voice, are you intereset about it, you can watch this video.

Use Your Mouth As A Musical Instrument

This is a cheapest musical intrument, are its sound not great? don't judge before watch this video.

Hang Drum That Sounds Great

ever hear about hang drum or hand drum before? i think if you hear this video, you will find something different with you ever see. This is a hang drum show by daniel waples.

Convert Your Cheap Drumset Into Have a Great Sound

Are you have a cheap drumset? i think the sound hear not perfect, but don't worry, you can convert it into a drumset which have a great sounds.

Play Drum Fastly Tutorial

Hey drummer, wanna play your drum fastly? you can wath this video tutorial, i hope this is can help you more rocking.

Make Electrify Banjo in 5 Minutes

wanna electrifiy sound in your banjo? you can follow this step in the video guys.

How To Install a Banjo Pickup

Lets install an electric guitar pickup in a banjo, watch this video guys.

Banjo Lesson 2

This is the video about banjo lesson part 2, enjoy it guys.

Banjo Lesson 1

Lets learn banjo togerther guys, watch this video by video, it have many part.

Learn Banjo Picking

Dear newbie, haha, wanna picking banjo? you can watch this video for the tutorials.

How to record an acoustic guitar

maybe you wanna record your accoustic guitar, this is the tutorials.

Make Bracket For Drum Pedal

Hei i found one beautiful video in youtube, in this video you will showed about stomp box which work as a mini bass and make a bracket for drum pedal.

Build Homemade Oud Out Of Clothing Drawer

Are you ever think to make homemade oud out of clothing drawer? this man have a briliant idea. watch this!

Make Electric Violin Video

Hey guys, today i will share how to make electric violin video, i hope you can enjoy this video.

Make Resonator Guitar

This video will show to you about how to make resonator guitar, this is a simple video, maybe i will share about it again later.

Make Washtub Bass

Hei guys today i will share to you one video about how to make washtub bass. You will see videos in two parts, first path you will know about the material, and in part two you will know how to build it.

Make Unique Homemade Drumset

You don't need spend a lot of money to buy drum set, you can make it guys.

Stomper Used As Lap Drum

Hey ever you play lap drum, in this video you will hear lap drum sound but you will not see the lap drum, you will see stomper.

Orthagonal Lap Drum

This is an video about orthagonal lap drum, this is a american percussion instrument, but so sorry, i have no tutorial to make this musical intrument, but i hope can get you information.

Double Side Tankdrum

This is an unique double side tank drum, but i am sory guys we have no tutorial about how to make double side tankdrum. But i hope you can get inspiration from this video.

Make Guitar Pedal in 10 Minutes

Ever you think to make guitar pedal in 10 minutes? watch this video guys.

Make Stompbox Without Much Money

Let's make something guys, and remember, without a lot of money can't stop you to make art. In this video you will showed about make stompbox.

Make Traditional Coast Salis Drum

Hello everybody, interst for traditional musical instrument? i think you can watch this video, it's awesome.

Make Steel Drum

wanna create steel drum? let's wath this video for get inpiration.

Learn Cajon Musical Istrument

Wanna learn cajon guys? watch this video.

Exploring Playground as a Musical Instrument For Kids

Every things can be a musical instrument, like in a playground, let's explore it.

Awesome Juggling Percuission

Aver you play musical instrument with juggling?

Make Guitar Pickup

Sorry for a long time have no post, in this post i will share about one video how to make guitar pickup, i hope you enjoy.

Awesome, Homemade Cajon With Snare Assembly

This cajon using snare assembly, are interesting? you can watch this video. And make your own guys.

Unique Musical Instrument, the DownBeat Foot Pedals!

Hello, are you have no inspiration to make a musical instrument? watch this video guys, this is video about foot pedals musical instrument and this is not only drum. You can add another musical instrument if you want.

Make An Easy Snare Drum for Kids

Are you in holiday? i think you can make an easy snare drum with your kids. haha, it's very simple musical instrument. You just need little materials like ice cream cup. Watch this video, it's very simple.

Introdution Before Make Your Own Wood Guitar

I ever post about how to make a guitar from a wood. But i think you have a little problem like understanding the guitar parts. I hope this video can help you guys.