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Make Saxophone Sound With Beatbox

0:01 was going on thank you for viewing this tutorial video 0:05 today and go at each added to his socks for San 0:09 okay this the first thing I do it first app is really doing there 0:16 p you know that I me come closer for you to be others seem like 0:20 gotta kinda bop bytch about 'em lived like their 0:24 am now and you'll be able to do that 0:29 this secret is like to go too high up is like 0:35 mmm her after eager to happen is you suppose 0:41 get should draw involve you know you gotta gave their sound kinda like from 0:48 you 0:48 dial in a sad way now while you on a high pitch already 0:52 the next image dole is same 0:56 ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad attack 1:01 wow used to get it it like dat you know 1:05 in our you be able to make this happen that's where all the miracle happens you 1:11 know this out dodi's 1:14 I learned that our if you use it on bone 1:18 data data data data works better 1:21 but if you use like a saxophone you know kinda small then you know …

Full Technology Alphasphere Musical Instrument

This musical instrument called alphasphere. You can make a techno music with this full techology musical instrument.

Unusual Musical Instrument

Clam, Plato, Dron, Hendecq, Turd, Basok, Smelly Old Hary. Are you know what is that? It's a name of musical instrument. Ever you hear about thats unusual musical instrument? No? Okay watch this video. :D

Build Homemade Strum-Stick

This video will tech to you to make a strumstick. Don't forget to use unused meterials, don't use wood from forest to keep our earth health.

Invented Musical Instruments

Hey music instruments maker, i hope you lucky find this post. Because i will show to you about invented musical instrument. You will find inveted saxsophones, and etc made from unbelievable materials and artistic shape.

This is video from bart hopkin, will exploring the science of sound with unbelievable musical instruments.

Guitar Tuner Adroid Aplication

If you have a problem with your guitar sound, you should tune your guitar. But many of us can't do it, because its needs depth musical soul. Haha, so, if you have any problem to tune your guitar, you can use your android smartphone as a guitar tunner.

There is a popular guitar tuner application in google play store, called GuitarTuna. This application published by yousician, in their pages, they claim that it's a "the #1 tuner in the world!". I never use this application, but many comments about this application sounds great.
Like comments from kevin, he say, "Cool !!! Now, I can tune my guitar easier". More coments from Hafiz, "PERFECT!! Easy to use, easy to lern. Useful."
In their description they showed that this application win a audio technology award. Have a prefessional accuracy and includes metronomes. For more detail watch this video guys.

Pipe Organ Educational Tools for Children


Traditional Japanese Music: Using Koto, Shamisen & Shakuha