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Make Saxophone Sound With Beatbox

0:01 was going on thank you for viewing this tutorial video 0:05 today and go at each added to his socks for San 0:09 okay this the first thing I do it first app is really doing there 0:16 p you know that I me come closer for you to be others seem like 0:20 gotta kinda bop bytch about 'em lived like their 0:24 am now and you'll be able to do that 0:29 this secret is like to go too high up is like 0:35 mmm her after eager to happen is you suppose 0:41 get should draw involve you know you gotta gave their sound kinda like from 0:48 you 0:48 dial in a sad way now while you on a high pitch already 0:52 the next image dole is same 0:56 ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad attack 1:01 wow used to get it it like dat you know 1:05 in our you be able to make this happen that's where all the miracle happens you 1:11 know this out dodi's 1:14 I learned that our if you use it on bone 1:18 data data data data works better 1:21 but if you use like a saxophone you know kinda small then you know …