How To Make an Angklung

How to make an angklung ? I will share to you how to make a instrument from bamboo. This instrument called angklung. UNESCO has recognizes angklung as Indonesia's cultural heritage at 2010 ago. Angklung is from sunda west java and this is a traditional Indonesia musical instrument. To play an instrument is usually not done it myself but played in groups.

To make angklung you need some equipment and materials, there are :
1. Knife
2. Ax
3. Bamboo
4. Varnish
5. Rope 

First step to make angklung, you need a black bamboo to get high quality for your instrument. You can find black bamboo on West Java, Indonesia. You must choose black bamboo which 4 years old. After you can find black bamboo which 4 years old, you can cut down it using your ax, but you must cut down it at 2 inch of the hand from the ground. If you cut it down, you must protect your black bamboo to stand up. And don't forget to cut it down during the dry season. 

After you cut you black bamboo you must store it with smoked or buried in mud one year for get your bamboo have high quality. After your bamboo have been stored one year, now you can start to make angklung. Cut your bamboo with knife and make a framework like on that picture (A) and make 3 bamboo like on that picture (B). You must make 3 bamboo (B) have a different tone, for get it different you can cut the bamboo in the end or the front. You can blow the bamboo to check your tone, or you can use tone tool. After that you must stringing a bamboo (B) to bamboo (A) by hanging it. Now your angklung is ready. Shake you angklung to get it tuned. If you want to this musical instrument you can order on
How To Make a Angklung
How To Make a Angklung

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