How to Make Djembe Video Tutorial

How to make djembe video tutorial with Fallou Sy Somone Senegal Westafrica 2007 founded in youtube with username f252824. This video tutorial to make a djembe available in two parts. The video part one have been watched in 54,492 views until this post published, and second parts have been watched in 33,759 views.

how to make djembe
Djembe (images from wikipedia)
Djembe is a membranophone percussion instrument. This instrumens made from big trunk and cow or goat skin. This percussion instrument from Africa. But now you can find this instrument in a lot of country in this word. I think you know djembe from a movie which show capoeira , a martial arts from Brazil, right?

To make djembe you need a big trunk of tree and a skin of animal like cow or goat. If you want to make djembe i think better you use trunk which have a dry wood. And don't worry to adjust diameter of your trunk with your animal skin. If you want your djembe durable use a animal skin which have strong texture. Okay i think you tired to read my blog post, so what do you wait? Check this out the video. Don't forget to leave comments on my blog guys, i hope this post can help you.

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