How To Make a Thumb Piano or Kalimba

How to make a thumb piano or kalimba ? to make a thumb piano or kalimba you need know before that thumb piano from Africa and usually called kalimba.The original kalimba from Africa made from bamboo, but now you can find kalimba or thumb piano using metal. To play kalimba you can use yours two thumb to push the note. Modern thumb piano which using metal usually have 15 tones.

thumb piano or kalimba tuning
thumb piano or kalimba tuning (images from wikipedia)
The 15 tones is F#, D, B, G, E, C, A, G, B, D, F#, A, C, E, and G. Look at the picture in order to more clearly. To make every metals have a different tones you can cut it down, more log metals will make more high tones. To help you find the best tone, you can use digital tone tools. 

thumb piano or kalimba
thumb piano or kalimba (images from wikipedia)
To make your instrument have a high quality tones, you must notice the materials for make this instrument. Use the best materials for get high quality sounds. The most important to make your thumb piano have a high quality sound is space under your thumb piano. You must estimate space between your thumb piano size. Not to large and not to small. Make it balance so your instrument will have a great tones.

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