Nation Beat Kidz Drummer Play Percussion Using Indonesian Traditional Instruments

Nation Beat Kidz Drummer play percussion using Indonesian Traditional Instruments. This group often appeared on television shows. This group consists of  6 children they are Rayhan, Ardel, Naufal Aly, Teguh, Caesar and Bimo. Those aged between 6-8 years old. Wow It was riveting, they are awesome children who maintain the heritage of their ancestors.

Nation Beat Kidz Drummer Logo
Nation Beat Kidz Drummer Logo (images from Nation Beat Kidz Drummer fans page)
Rayhan, Ardel, Naufal Aly, Teguh, Caesar and Bimo can play drum battle, ensemble and ethnic percussion. They built from Gilang Ramadhan Studio Band (GRSB). GRSB address at  Jl. Deplu 1, no.10,Jaksel and their phone number is 021-7363330 /021-73882496, GRSB was born 2007. You can visit GRSB site on For additional information i give you their twitter account username, Twitter account of Nation Beat Kidz Drummer is @NBKidz_ID, Twitter account of GRSB is @GRSBPusat.

I was impressed with this little boy, They trying to lift back heritage over time replaced by the entry of foreign cultures through globalization. They are able to combine modern and traditional music that the music industry looks stunning in Indonesia. Current music industry in Indonesia, many in collaboration with the Korean culture is often called the k-pop, so that Indonesia alone lost their identity. with the presence of these children, Indonesia back to find his true identity.

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