Thumb Piano or Kalimba from Sardine Can

Thumb piano or kalimba from sardine can ? this is a unique home made musical instrument. I find this item on Very amazing beside you can play a music you use green musical instrument. So you help to save our earth from trash cans. Even you will be surprised if you watch the price for this instrument. This instrument sold to $120. That a unique price for a sardine can. But don't worry you will get a great tones with this instrument.
Maybe you think that this musical instrument haven't a great tones because using bad material. But you will amazed after you watch this video. This instrument have a perfect tones. Maybe usually you find thumb piano or kalimba from wood.  But this thumb pianor or kalimba made from sardine can. Very fantastic!

sardine can thumb piano or kalimba
Thumb Piano or Kalimba from Sardine Can (image from
This unique musical instrument very interested for youtube visitors. I find this video from youtube titled steel kalimba. on this video you can find someone play thumb piano or kalimba which use thumb piano from sardine can. very interesting, this video have been watched 356,753 times until this post published. And this video have been liked at 464 times. Maybe I thought I was too convoluted, please see your own now.

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