UNESCO Recognizes Angklung as Indonesia's Cultural Heritage

UNESCO recognizes angklung as Indonesia's cultural heritage. UNESCO confirmed angklung as Indonesia's cultural heritage right at the fifth session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of intangible cultural heritage in Nairobi, Kenya 2010 ago.

Angklung Indonesia
Angklung Indonesia (images from unesco.org)

Wikipedia said that angklung in the kingdom of Sunda, about 12 th century. native Sundanese angklung community use as a ritual to accompany the cultivation of rice. Indonesia previously struck with a site that said that angklung originated from other countries but now can breathe a sigh of relief for Indonesia UNESCO has endorsed the original angklung culture of Indonesia as. You can see this on the news media vivanews.com (http://nasional.news.viva.co.id/news/read/135822-fakta_angklung_budaya_indonesia_diungkap)

Angklung is Indonesia's traditional musical instrument. This Instrument from sunda west java. Angklung made from bamboo tubes. Type of bamboo is often used black bamboo or white bamboo. How to play angklung is to swing it. Instrument angklung is often played in groups. Performance UNESCO site also mentions that playing a musical instrument is angklung can sharpen concentration, discipline and responsible. To hear how the voice of angklung that you can explore this unique keyword youtube with Indonesian angklung. If you are interested to make an instrument like that you can learn to Indonesia. I hope this post can give you inpiration.

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