Vocal Remove to Make a Karaoke Instrumental Using Audacity

Vocal remove to make a karaoke instrumental using audacity is very easy. You only need a simple step to do that. Audacity is a free audio editor and recorder software where you can download it on http://audacity.sourceforge.net so you didn't need spend your money to buy any software because its 100% free for you.

Audacity Logo
Audacity Logo (images from audacity.sourceforge.net)

Audacity now available in version 2.0.1 this software can run in windows vista, windows 7, windows xp and windows 2000.Audacity version 2.0.1 released on june 29, 2012. Can run on, mac OS GNU/linux and another platform.This software can record life audio, edit MP3 audio, edit Wav audio, cut and mix a sound or song. This software is free under the GNU General Public License (GPL). So use it for what do you want because it's really free.

To use vocal remove in audacity you can follow this simple step.After you download audacity from audacity.seourceforge.net open your program and then import your mp3 music or wav music. You can use File, Import and then Audio or you can use keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+i and then after you finish to import song, you can click effect and then vocal remover, just click and the vocal will be removed in second. This software is so easy to removing vocal, and its free.

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