Carrot Clarinet Unique Musical Instrument

Carrot Clarinet Unique Musical Instrument. This is my blog post for you today. Have you read my older post about homemade musical instrument from vegetable? now i will share to you about something related with my older post, i will share to you one most popular video on youtube. This video uploaded by SquealyD on april 22 2008. And until now this video have been watched 1,325,866 views.

carrot clarinet
Carrot Clarinet (image from youtube)
This video show a unique musical instrument from vegetable. On this video you will look a men without hair make their own clarinet from carrot. He will make a musical instrument from vegetable and he will play their unique musical instrument. Play this video, this instrument have a tunable sound. I am very amazed with this video because this instrument have a tunable sound like a industrial musical instrument.

In youtube you will find a lot of related video, musical instrument from vegetable. It's showed that you can make a unique musical instrument just spend a little money. And it's not too bad than original musical instrument from industry. You can still make a tunable musical instrument. Lets explore your imagination to make another musical instrument. Shocking the world with your imagination and make people interest.

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