Thursday, August 2, 2012

Homemade Musical Instrument from PVC Pipe

Homemade musical instrument from PVC pipe can build for your child. This instrument didn't need a lot of material for have a unique tone. You only need many PVC pipes, aluminum for frame, and sandals to bat. And don't forget prepare your home improvement tool like saw to cut the PVC pipe. Screwdriver to paste your pipes in aluminum frame and nut.

PVC pipes musical instrument
PVC pipes musical instrument (images from youtube)
After you have been prepare your tool now first step make your frame for pipes from aluminum. The high of frame must be adjusted with your child. If your frame to high this is can make your children difficult to play music using your homemade musical instrument. So you must notice your children high.

After your frame ready now you must prepare your  PVC pipes. You need two turn pipes and two straight pipes. For straight you need a one small pipes and and one long pipes. For make every pipes have a different tone you need to make your long pipes different than other. More long pipes can make a low tone. And for the last you can make a bat using sandals. To play this instrument you can hitting the hole with sandals. For example you can watch this video.

instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma

Hey you wanna know instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma, just go to itunes guys.