Homemade Musical Instrument from vegetable ?

Homemade Musical Instrument from vegetable ? what do you think about the title of this blog post ? maybe you laugh and don't believe that. But don't say that you don't believe it after you watch this video. This video will showing you a men play a music using vegetable. The man on this video use a carrot as a musical instrument. Are you interest to watch it? just play this video.

This video uploaded by youtube user with id heita3 and until now this video have been watched in 998,060 views. The men on this video are Asian, maybe he is Japanese. Awesome, he have an unique idea for make a music using homemade musical instrument from vegetable

I think you can do that, and you can make a more unique musical instrument from vegetable or from fruits. Explore your imagination to make an unique musical instrument. Upload your video to youtube and share your link to this blog in comments form. I am wait you reader.

And don't forget to make your homemade musical instrument not only unique but also tunable. Unique musical instrument will be perfect if it tunable. If your instrument tunable you can sell it or you can make a book how to make an instrument using vegetable.

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