Advanced Homemade Musical Instrument

This post about Advanced Homemade Musical Instrument. I think you searching a long time to find this keyword but you find a lot of homemade musical instrument for children. Homemade musical instrument for school project and anything about simple musical instrument. I will help you to find advanced homemade musical instrument. Chance i ever wrote in this blog.

First homemade musical instrument which  i want to share with you is Djembe. Djembe is percussion musical instrument. I ever wrote tutorial to make it in this post about how to make Djembe musical instrument. This instrument from Africa.

The second instrument is Didgeridoo. Didgeridoo is an aboriginal traditional musical instrument. I ever wrote about it in this post titled Didgeridoo aboriginal musical instrument . Usually this instrument made from a trunk of tree but in my post its made from PVC pipe. I think now to get tree is so hard, and to make this instrument from tree is not easy. You need  a lot of tool.

The Third instrument is Sasando or sasandu. This musical instrument from Rote Island Indonesia. This instrument very unique, this instrument have a tube, a lot of string and the resonance from a leaf. I ever wrote about sasando or sasandu in my post about how to make sasando or sasandu. Indonesian people very creative, they have a lot unique musical instrument.

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