Thursday, January 17, 2013

Audacity Karaoke Plugin

Audacity Karaoke Plugin, this keyword i find on google webmaster central. Maybe a lot of people want to know how to make karaoke instrumental song using audacity in my blog. I have been post it before, titled vocal remove to make a karaoke instrumental song using audacity. But on that post without plugin, today i will share with plugin.

 On my previous post you can remove vocal using vocal remover on audacity. But its only available on high version audacity. And its only good for stereo sound. So if a lot of people will have bad sound after removing vocal. There are free plugin for you to removing vocal or make karaoke instrumental song using audacity. The name of plugin is center pan remover.

To download center pan remover you can go to this link After you download extract that files and copy "centerpanremover.ny" and then paste it in audacity plugin folder, usually in C:\Program Files\Audacity . Restart your audacity and now you can try this plugin. 

To use this plugin, i find tutorial from, first step is open your audacity. After you open this application, Import your song. And then go to effect and choose center pan remover. You will be pop up panel, change the invert band or channel to 0,  and you can setting frequencies as what do you want. And then click ok or debug. Now your karaoke instrumental song ready to play.

instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma

Hey you wanna know instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma, just go to itunes guys.