Didgeridoo an Aboriginal Musical Instrument

Didgeridoo is an aboriginal instrument. in wikipedia, didgeridoo around 1.500 years ago this musical instrument developed by Indigenous  Australians of North Australia. This instrument like a long pipe, and you can make tone with blow it like a trumpet. This instrument build by one trunk, with hole on the center. This instrument didn't have a absolute shapes. The shapes follow the trunk of tree.

Didgeridoo an Aboriginal Instrument
Didgeridoo an Aboriginal Instrument images from wikipedia

Usually this instrument played when ceremonial dancing. In ceremonial dancing, usually only man play  didgeridoo.  Play this instrument can help you reduce snoring. That statement is true, British Medical Journal found it in study at 2005.

This instrument very funny, like a big smoke. I never play this instrument before but i see many video on youtube. I think this instrument have an unique tone, like trumpet on jazz festival. This traditional instrument sale for 10-100 $ on ebay. Maybe it too expensive for some people. I think you can make your own didgeridoo more cheap.

I found one video tutorial to make homemade didgeridoo from pipe pvc. I think for make this instrument from pipe pvc you need less then 10$. If you make this instrument from trunk of tree, its too hard if you want to make a hole on the center of he trunk. It's simple if you have wood tools, and your trunk of tree not crooked. 

 Video Tutorial, how to build a Didgeridoo from pipe pvc :

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