Didgeridoo Wallpaper

Didgeridoo Wallpaper can be downloaded for free on deviant art. I find two cools didge wallpaper. The first wallpaper created by jwatkins, and the second wallpaper created by elcoyotes.

 The first wallpaper titled didgeridoo kangaroos, on this picture you will see 3 kangaroos play didge. Every kangaroos play didge with different direction. This is showed that didge is an traditional australian instruments. Australia famous with kangaroos.This wallpaper very near with didge, kangaroos, australia.
didgeridoo wallpaper
Didgeridoo Kangaroos by  ~jwatkins on devianART
The second wallpaper titled didge, this wallpaper have 3 colors background. There are red, yellow and green like rasta. The man played the didgeridoo under trees. There are showed that its on the jungle. Its means that didgeridoo is inland musical instrument. Indigenous population is aboriginal australia
.didgeridoo wallpaper
Didge... by ~elcoyotes on devianART

To download the wallpaper you can click the image for larger size, and then right click and save picture as.

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