FL (Fruity Loops) Studio Video Tutorial

FL (Fruity Loops) Studio Video Tutorial. Today i will write about it. Before this post i have been write about fl Studio Plugin. There are tells about plugin to make an instrument using FL Loops. But now i will share video that i find in youtube which haven't plugin to make an instrumental music. This Tutorial using FL Studio 100% manually.

The first video i find in youtube titled a short FL Studio song (step by step). This video uploaded by Sasan F. Until 1 February 2013 this video have been watched at 5,976 times. This video so awesome but if you newbie using fruity loops i think you can watch my second video, its more simple.

The second video is titled FL Studio Tutorial : how to make a simple song. This video uploaded by Mawrwan77. Until 1 February 2013 this video have been watched 79,476 times. This video very easy to follow. So easy for newbie, you can follow this video tutorial and modified it. You can make a great song, this is very simple but awesome. 

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