Harp Guitar, Iwan Hasan.

Today i will share information about Harp Guitar. Many days ago, i watched the television. They talk about harp guitar. I never know about the harp guitar before. Reporter On television tell that its like a harp and guitar. Its have more than six guitar string.

harp guitar iwan hasan
Harp Guitar, Iwan Hasan. images from kompas.com

There are a harp guitar on the picture, its like have 20 guitar string. Very unique musical instrument. The man on the picture is Iwan Hasan. He is Indonesian people. He is international harp guitar player. If you want to watch Iwan Hasan you can play this video. This video uploaded by Iwan Hasan official. I know it from the video description.


Iwan Hasan study on Willamette University. Music is him field of study. From kapanlagi.com i know that he learn to play harp guitar from John Dun. In Asia, Iwan Hasan is a One of three player of harp guitar. If you interest about harp guitar you can make your own harp guitar and this is a video how to make a harp guitar. Make your own, and share with us in this blog. I am wait you.

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