Hydraulophone, Water Musical Instrument.

Hydraulophone, Water Musical Instrument. This instrument real from water, wow this is amazing. Today i am search about Canada's Traditional Instrument on google search engine. And i find Hydraulophone, but i don't know are its real traditional instrument or not?

I check this musical instrument in id.wikipedia.org. In wikipedia tell that this instrument named by  a professor in Toronto University, Steven Mann. This musical instrument, like a pipe with a lot of hole. The pipe fully with water. And water will out from the hole.

To play this water musical instrument you can close the hole, so the water can't out and you will get tone. This instrument very unique because use water as a music equipment.  There are many type of Hydraulophone in the word. Hydraulophone with 12-jet diatonic and 45-jet chromatic. There are simple different, Hydraulophone with 12 holes and 45 holes. This is video example for Hydraulophone, enjoy it.

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