International Clarinet Competition 2013

International Clarinet Competition 2013. I search this keyword on google, and than i find this site If you want to join this competition, send your aplication before 25th of January 2013. You must including your recording beside your application.

This competition called 2nd Lisbon International Clarinet Competition. This competition under inatel foundation/ cultivarte. This cempetition start on 25 - 28 March 2013 in lisbon. If you want to join, you must be under 35 years old before March, 25 2013.

For your recording, you must include it into high quality dvd without editing. On the video, your clarinet must be showed at least 5 meters front of camera. You can get prize if you win on this clarinet competition. For 1 st winner you can get professional model clarinet, A concert with the lisbon orchestra, and you will recive 1000 euro. For second place you can get professional model clarinet and 500 euro. For 3rd place you can get professional model clarinet. Lets join guys, and share your video on youtube too.

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