Make a Hydraulophone

Make a Hydraulophone is water jet musical instrument. Before this post, i have been post about this musical instrument. This instrument like a piano. You must pull the hole to make tone. This is very unique instrument, i am very interest to learn how it can works, how to make this instrument and how can the water make a tone.

make hydraulophone
How hydraulophone work, images from university of Toronto.

I search on google about how to make a Hydrauophone and i find this link If you clik that link you will showed  journal pdf document titled Hydraulophone Design Considerations. There are showed that it make by Steve Mann, Ryan Janzen and Mark Post.

From that journal, if i true, Hydarulophone is modified from piano. And i think to play Hydraulophone like piano too. This is genius idea, make musical instrument from water. Its very awesome, i hope you can get inspired and you can make your own musical instrument, maybe someday you can make musical instrument from fire, snow or anything.

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