Make a Sasando or Sasandu

Make An Sasando or Sasandu. Today i will share about sasando or sasandu. First time i watch this instrument on "Indonesia Mencari Bakat" an Trans Television programs.  Sasando is traditional instrument from Rote Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. In Rote's language it's called sasandu. This instrument have a tube, string and resonance.

make a sasando or sasandu
Sasando or Sasandu images from wikipedia
Like the picture for more detail. The tube of this instrument made from bamboo. There are many string around the tube. Every string have a different tone. The resonance made from lontar's leaf. To Play this instrument you can strum the string with your fingers.

If you interest with this musical instrument you can make it. I find many video from youtube about how to make a sasando. I hope you happy with my post today. I hope this post can help you. Please go back to my blog soon, i have new post for you.

The first video.


The second video.

The third video.

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