Mbira Song Chord

Mbira Song is very unique. Before i share to you about mbira song which i find today, did you know what is mbira? Mbira is another name of kalimba or thumb piano, i have two post about this instrument before, my post about how to make kalimba and Thumb piano from sardine can .

If you never read my post before and you don't know it i will share little information for you. Thumb piano, kalimba or mbira is a musical instrument from Africa. The classification  of this musical instrument is plucked idiophone, i know it from wikipedia. Mbira usually made from wood, with many metal key.

To play this instrument you can use your thumb to touch the key and pull it to make a tone. Every key have a unique tone. I just know this musical instrument from searching, but i never play it. I don't have marimba, but i am usually searching all about musical instrument for my blog reader. Today i search about Mbira song chord. But no one post about it before on their blog. I find Mbira song chord in wikipedia, This is example of traditional mbira piece titled Nhema Mussasa. On wikipedia there are midi files example of this chord, you can download it on this link http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ef/Mbira_cross-rhythm.mid

The left hand plays the ostinato "bass line," while the right hand plays the upper melody. The composite melody is an embellishment of the 3:2 cross-rhythm (also known as a hemiola).

mbira song chord
Mbira Song Chord images from wikipedia

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