Make Apple Ocarina Instrument

I want to share about make apple ocarina instrument. I ever post about how to make ocarina but i think its too classic. On this post i will share to you video about ocarina apple instrument. It's so unique? yea awesome musical instrument from vegetable. You can eat your musical instrument if you hungry.

To make apple ocarina, you need a big apple. Choose apple which easily to cut just using cutter. Look at the picture, this is structures of ocarina, number 1 for mouth, you can blow at number one, and number 4 for finger hole. But this is a structure of original ocarina, it's not a structure of apple ocarina. But you can make your apple having structure like that using your cutter.

ocarina structures
Ocarina Structures (images from wikipedia)
If you hardly understand how to make it, i have video about people who play ocarina musical instrument from apple. You can look at the video the structure of  apple ocarina, it's have 4 hole. I am sorry, i not find video tutorial about how to make ocarina from apple and only find this video about people play apple ocarina. But i think with the picture of original ocarina structure and this video, you can make your own apple ocarina musical instrument.

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