Make an Instrument out of Paper

Make an instrument out of paper is easy but you need a lot of creativity to find idea. Idea for make what musical instrument. Paper is easy broken, so you need a thick paper for make musical instrument from paper. Before this post i have been post about musical instrument papercraft. Papercraft is only replica for musical instrument, a lot of them can't make a tone. So i think if you want to make musical instrument from paper that playable, i think you can make drum or another percussion instrument.

I think percussion papercraft can make a tone. But if you want to make it playable you must make it from thick paper and in large size. Usually papercraft printed in a4 paper size, you can print papercraft in a1 paper, and using cartoon, you can print it in digital printing company around your home. Of course just can be used for children, if you use paper musical instrument i think it will be broken.

Okay this is percussion musical papercraft which i ever post it before. There are two musical papercraft, its timpani and maracas. First step download timpani papercraft  or download maracas papercraft. After you download it, print in a1 paper size, using cartoon for your paper. If you use cartoon paper i think its not easy for broken. so your child can play musical instrument easily. You can follow the instruction to build your big musical instrument papercraft. haha, its just simple.

Timpani (images from canon)

marakas (images from canon)

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