Make Instrumental Song Using Ableton

Today i will share about make instrumental song using ableton, do you know ableton? ableton is an software which have function for make an instrumental song. I know many software which can make musical instrumental song like fruity loops. Firstly i  know Ableton from television, there are showed about ableton community in Indonesia. 
Ableton Indonesia community have site from that site you will know that founder of that site Crystaline or Billy Kurniadi have been get 2 nd winner in ableton beat the clok competition. He combine gamelan, traditional musical instrument from indonesia with modern musical instrument. It's awesome, Indonesian musician can win in the international competition.

On the television i know that ableton can be used for online performance. It's very good this software can be integrated with show tools. So i think you can live performance with ableton, you don't need a lot of musical instrument. You don't need a big musical instrument, you can use software and litle tools to make a lot of musical instrument.

Okay i will share a video tutorial about , Creating a drum beat using ableton. This video for beginner, you can learn and play your ableton software now. Enjoy this video guys... :)

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