Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make Mandolin Musical Instrument

I will share video about how to make mandolin musical instrument today. Mandolin is a musical instrument from italy. This musical instrument like violin. There are string and wood in this musical instrument. You must plucked the string to make a tone. First time i found picture about this musical instrument, i think it's a guitar. Usually mandolin have shape like a guitar. But when i check it at wikipedia i know that it's not a guitar.

Mandolin (images from wikipedia)

If you curious, i have picture of Mandolin. What do you think? it's look like guitar? Mandolin have double six string. But this instrument have a lot of variant, there are mandolin with 4 string, 12 string and 16 string. This musical instrument look like violin and lutes.

mandolin tuning
Mandolin Tuning (images from wikipedia)
It's a picture bout mandolin tuning, you can follow this picture to stem your musical instrument. I never make this musical instrument before, but i find many video tutorial about how to make mandolin musical instrument in youtube. i Embed that video on the bottom of this post. okay enjoy this video tutorial guys,

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