Make Maracas Out Of Rice

Today i will share video about Make Maracas Out Of Rice. Are you know what is maracas? Maracas is percussion instrument. This instrument also called rumba shakers. Maracas is shaken idiophones, you must shake this instrument to make a tone. 

This is the sound of maracas, just click play to hear sound of this intrument. I embeded this player from wikipedia page about maracas musical instrument. Usually maracas shaped like an egg with stick to grip. There are seed or dried beans inside the maracas. Friction of the seed make a tone, it's like sand beach which blowing in the wind.

maracas musical instrument
Maracas musical instrument (iamges from wikipedia)
This is the picture of maracas, every region have different shape and name about this musical instrument. In wikipedia i know that this is a native instrument from latin america. This instrument now scattered employed several parts of the world. I think this instrument playable for beach music, like reggae music. The sound of this instrument very relaxed like atmosphere at the beach.

If you want to make this musical instrument, you can use rice and egg. This is my idea, it's simple. You can make maracas in 3 little step, first step you can wash the content of the eggs with little hole, and the input the rice to the eggs, and then just close the hole using Scotch tape. And now you can play your maracas musical instrument. It's my simple idea, but i also share video about how to make maracas which i found on youtube, i hope its can help you to get inspiration. If you wan to find video tutorial about how to make an instrument you can search in this blog. I hope this blog useful for you.


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