Make Music With Glasses of Water

Make Music With Glasses of Water, it's really can make a tone? yea, you can make a musical instrument using glasses of water. This is not a percussion musical instrument, you just rubbed the tip cup to make a tone. It's really can make a tone, first time i know this musical instruments from many ads in television which use glasses of water to make a tone.

Okay if you want to make a mini show, you can play with many glasses, procedures be some glass lined. Every glasses fill with water, to make it have a lot of tone you must fill different size of watter in your glasses. Usually this musical instrument using wine glasses, The sound like play a soft flute, you can hear a soft sound from your glasses if you rubbed the tip cup around.

This is video about make music with glasses of water, if you didn't understand with my article i think you can watch this video for more detail. I find this video on youtube video sharing and i embed it here. I think this musical instrument easy to make it at your home, because only need little materials, oh don't forget to record your activity using this musical instrument, share on youtube and link your video in this blog. I am wait you.

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