Make Native American Flute Musical Instrument

Make native american flute musical instrument is so funny. Native american flute usually made from cane, hardwood or softwood. I know it from wikipedia guys, i hope it's true. from wikipedia, the first flute born because the wood which punched by bird make tone when it blow by wind. Haha, it's just story, i don't know what is the truth, but i think that story quite rational.

Native american flute have five or six finger holes. This is the sound of american native flute with six holes . Beside flute with six finger holes, there are flute with five finger holes, but i don't know what is different. Usually this flute made from cedar, redwood and juniper. If use hard meterial it's make sound clear and crisp. Bamboo and cedar make this instrument soft and clear. To play this instrument you must blow at the mouthpiece and close many finger holes. Play your finger to make variant tone.

Native American Flute
Native American Flute (images from wikipedia)
I think you can use PVC pipe or bamboo to make this musical instrument at home, just follow the picture. You need mouthpiece, block, nest, finger holes and foot end. More big the diameter and kinds of material make your instrument have different tone, maybe more crisp. 

Okay this is the tutorial, i found it on youtube. This is video tutorial about how to make native american flute. The video not only one, its continue video, you can play the continue video on related video after you play first video. Okay enjoy this video guys.

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