Make an Ocarina Musical Instrument

Today i will share about How to make an ocarina musical instrument. Ocarina is traditional musical instrument, it's maybe found at 12000 years ago. Usually ocarina find in africa, china and mexico.The shape of ocarina like a egg. It's have many hole, hole for your finger and hole for blower.

Ocarina Structures
Ocarina Structures (images from wikipedia)
To play this instrument, you can blowing the hole. If you close many hole which your fingger you can make different tone. Every hole which closed using your finger have unique tone. This is very simple musical instrument, i think you can make it at your home.

I find a lot of video about how to make an ocarina. It's easy, many people make ocarina from eggs and from carrot. Wow, i think it's unique if you can make homemade musical instrument from anything from your home tools. Okay enjoy this video guys, oh if you have been make your own, share on youtube, maybe i will share in this blog too. don't forget to visiting my blog everyday, get your inspiration here.

There are many video about how to make an ocarina :


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