Make Pandeiro a Brazilian Instrument

Make Pandeiro a Brazilian Instrument. I will share about how to make pandeiro a brazilian intrument in this post. Pandeiro is a hand percussion instrument, this musical instrument also called drums. I Know from wikipedia that this instrument usually used in capoeira music. Did you know capoeira? capoeira is brazilian martial art, usually the fighting accompanied with music.

Okay lets finish talk about capoeira, now lets know how to make pandeiro. I searching on youtube about this musical instrument and i find 4 videos about the manufacturing process of this instrument.  Of the video seem that you need wood, leather and metal plates. I think the main ingredient is very easy to obtain. But the tool can not be obtained at a low price.

Make Pandeiro a Brazilian Instrument
Make Pandeiro a Brazilian Instrument images from youtube

If you didn't have tools to make it, i think you can use another material to make your own Pandeiro. You can change the wood using circle sardine can. And you can use flattened bottle cup to change the metal plates. For the leather you can use elastic like a balloon. Okay enjoy this video and use another material if you didn't have tools.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

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