Make a Quena Flute

Make a quena flute. Today i will share about how to make a quenaa flute. Do you know quena flute? quena flute is a andes traditional musical instrument. I know that from wikipedia, but i think in a lot of country have musical instrument like that. The characteristic of this instrument is it have about six hole with different diameter and its have a semi-circular pieces on the ends. Maybe The characteristic difference with the other.

Quena Flute
Quena Flute (images from wikipedia)

It's a quena flute picture, i get the picture from wikipedia. Traditionally quena flute made by bamboo or wood. I find a video in youtube about how to make quena, in this video made from wood. I think you can follow the step to make it if you have tools like in the video. But i think if you didn't have tools, you can use bamboo or pvc pipe to make quena. I think that materials very easy be formed.

 Okay enjoy this video guys.


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