Make a Straw Aboe

Are you know? you can make a musical instrument using a straw. Today i will share about make a straw aboe. Aboe is like a trumpet or clarinet, i think you know this musical instrument if you love watching spongebob squarepants movie.This is easy homemade musical instrument, you can make this musical instrument at home not more than 5 minutes
 To make a straw aboe you need little materials, of course you need a straw. You need scissors too, it's needed for cut your musical instrument. You can use straw former beverage. First step, cut the end of the straw forming an angle of an isosceles triangle. After it test your straw aboe first, blow the straw with the triangle in your mouth.

After it's can make a tone, you can make a hole to get variation of the tone. Make many little hole, just close the hole with your finger and blow it, and then you can get many variation of tone. I get inspiration to write make a straw aboe from this video, i found this video on youtube, watch this video for more details tutorial. Enjoy this video guys.


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