Make String Instrument

A lot of people search about how to make string instrument. I write on this blog about three post about make string instrument. I am very hard to make tutorial about string instrument, because i never make it, so i only share many video tutorial from youtube about how to make string instrument which i embed in this blog. I find many video, write about it, and i share to you in this blog.

sasando (images from wikipedia)

Before this post i have been write about make sasando string instrument. Are you know sasando? sasando is string musical instrument from rote island Indonesia. It's a musical instrument which have tube, string and unique design, This musical instrument also have a lot of tuning. If you want to make it got to this link

Mandolin (Images from wikipedia)
Moreover i have been post about how to make mandolin string instrument. Mandolin look like guitar, It's usually have six string, or 4 , 12 and 16 string. You must plucked the string to make a tone. This instrument like violin. This is musical instrument from italy, if you wan to make it you can go to this link

harp guitar
harp guitar (images from kompas)

One post again about how to make string instrument. I ever post about harp guitar. It's a combination from guitar and Harp. This instrument have a lot of string, so i think you need a lot of time to learn how to play harp guitar. You need learn two musical instrument, guitar and harp. Okay this is the information about harp guitar, go to this link guys

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