Make Xylophone Musical Instrument

Hey guys, i am sorry late to update this blog, today i will share about make xylophone musical instrument. Do you know xylophone? from Wikipedia i know that xylophone is percussion musical instrument from Slovakia maybe.  This musical instrument made from woods, you must hit it with the stick to make a tone. Usually the stick made from wood, plastic or rubber.
Now Xylophone found in several continents, usually found in Western, Asia and Africa. In Africa there are many kinds of Xylophone, there are Mbila, Gyil, Sylimba, Akadinda and Amadinda, and balo. Many conjecture that Xylophone from Indonesia and then spread in Africa, But yet there is a strong history of states from where this musical instrument.

xylophone (images from wikipedia)
Look at the picture. It's a Xylopone picture, it's made from woods. There are many beams with different size. More long size of the beams it's will have low tone. And more short size of the beams it's will have high tone.  Beside from woods in Indonesia usually this musical instrument made from metal like brass.

I thinks this musical instrument easy for made in your home using, it's easy homemade musical instrument out of household items. Just cut the woods in different size, and place in shelf. But are you know how to make it have different tone? watch this video to know it, i find this video on youtube. I hope this video can help you, okay enjoy the video guys, and if you have another tutorial about how to make an instrument , you can share with me in this blog via contact page.

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