Make Zampona Musical Instrument

Make Zampona Musical Instrument, i will share video about it today. Zampona also called siku and zampolla. In  wikipedia i know that this musical instrument originally from peru and bolivia. This instrument like flute, but it have many pipes. Design of this musical instrument like angkung in Indonesia, but angklung must be shake to make a tone, and this instrument must be blow to make a tone.

ZAMPONA (images from wikipedia)

Usually zampona made from bamboo. But it think if you didn't have bamboo and you want to make it at your home you can use pvc pipe, of course as same as bamboo on the size. Zampona or shiku have an unique shape, it't look like the stairs. And it have two layers. Every pipes and every layers have different tone. This is the tuning of zampona that i find in wikipedia too.

zampona tone
Zampona Tone (images from wikipedia)
 If you want to make zampona musical instrument using PVC pipes, you can use tuning hardware for make every pipes have same tuning with zampona like in the picture. Don't forget to make it two layers guys. I search video tutorial about zampona, but i am very hard to find it. I search video on youtube about making a zampona. I only find this video, i hope this video relevant. I only buffer this video on the first minute, because my internet connection like a snail.

Okay guys, i hope you want to share with me if you find more better video about how to make zampona. Or if you want to share anything about how to make an instrument in this blog, you can comments here. I will share your video in this blog. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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