Musical Instruments for Kids

Musical Instruments for kids must be designed for hone skills. Kids very interest about craft, it's can make they creative and innovative. Musical Instrument craft more interest for kids because they will know what they make for. Beside it i ever hear that music can affect kids brain, but i don't know are it's really true or not. Okay before you make musical instrument for kids, i think you can introduce about musical instrument first to your kids. You can tell about how it play and type of that instrument. You can show the picture and you can show how the sound. I find this video on youtube, i think this video can help you tell about type and sound of a musical instrument.

Beside video i find free musical instrument lapbook for your kids. Lapbook is a funny learning media, it's like a book with unique design with a lot of picture. If you don't know what is lapbook i hope this picture can make you understand. It's like a 3d Book, have a lot picture and many part can be opened, you will find hidden text or picture. Okay to download this free musical instrument lapbook you can go to this link .

musical instrument lapbook
Musical Instrument lapbook cover (images from

free musical instrument lapbook
Musical Instrument lapbook (images from

After you tell about musical instrument and how it sound you can make a little discussion with your kids. Ask to what they want to make, percussion musical instrument or other. After your kids choose their type of musical instrument, you must remind to your kids about how it sound. For example if your kids choose percussion, and then ask to them how it sound, when they answer can make a sound with hit the instrument you ask again what it needed. Maybe they will answer it's need bat and drums. You must make kids active, don't make musical instrument alone but help they to make it.

You can help kids to prepare the material needed. If you didn't have a lot of material you can use anything which can find around your home. You can use bottle, sardine can, balloon and etc. Before you start make it, your kids can draw a sketch about musical instrument which want to make in a paper. Don't forget that this is for kids so you can find material that easy to be formed. If you need cutting the materials you must beside your kids. Be carefully with sharps.

Every kids maybe have a different ability to make a craft, you must ensure that they will finished together. If one of kids have been finished first, get him to decorate their musical instrument. After they finished together they can play the instrument together. Usually they will play without tone, so you must tech to play that instrument to make a good tone. Give they applause, make they vibrant. You can do this activity in the classroom, if you want to do this activity as home work don't forget to tell that must be accompanied with their parents for avoiding sharps.

If you hard for get homework idea, i think i can help you. I ever write about how to make spin drum. Maybe you can use it for kids homework. Spin drum very easy to make, the material only pencil for stick, sardine can or mineral water bottle, balloon, rope and small ball beads. The tools to make it very easy to find, like glue, cutter, and  rubber band. Maybe the material to make spin drum can be found in home, so they don't need to buy and spent a lot of money. You can see this video for help.

Maybe their parent know about how to make it, but if their parent or the kids didn't know i can give little instruction.  To make spin drum you can follow this step. First step is you must cut the sardine can or mineral water bottle thickness maybe 5 cm. If you use sardine can ensure that the cut is not sharp, protect your kids, don't give dangerous toys. After  that make a hole in the center of the mineral water bottle of sardine can for stick place. You can use pencil as stick or another thing which easy to played.  You can paste the pencil using glue, ensure that it not easy to broken. Associate the small ball beads and the rope, for the long of the rope ensure if you play it can touch another side. You can make two small ball beads, paste it to the center of the stick in the mineral water bottle or the sardine can. The lats step you can close every side using balloon, paste it using rubber band. 

Okay it's a little idea from me, if you need a lot of idea about how to make an instrument you can visit this blog again another times. I hope i can share another thing about homemade musical instrument. Enjoy this blog guys.

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