Be a Composer but Can't Play Musical Instrument

When you choose to be a composer but you can't play musical instrument, what do you think? A lot of poeple will say that it's impossible. haha, i know what do you think, but i have different think. I believe that be a composer don't need know about how to play musical instrument. To be a composer you just need know do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and si.

Now is a digital media time, if you know about tone but you can't play musical instrument i think you can be a composer. Yout just need to know about tone and you can find idea or inspiration to mix your tone to be a great music. You can use digital application to make a music, you didn't need a musical instrument. Usually digital application for make music using piano as fiction musical instrument. I think you don't need know how to play piano too, because piano is sequence from do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, and do.

You can choose sound of any instrument and just mixing every tone. You can make a great sound if you have a big imagination. Looping from the application will help you find great tone. There are a lot of composer software in the world. Usually poeple use fruity loop desktop application or use online music application. So digital media make you can do anything easily, but maybe you can lose willingness to learn about musical instrument. Technolgy always have casualties.

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