Make Diatonic Accordions Instrument

Make diatonic accordions intrument is not easy, this is an advanced musical instrument. You need a lot of tools, you need tools which can be used for cuting the wood, you need tools which can be used for make a hole in your woods. I think this musical instrument can't make at your home if you just using household items. You need factory tools to make this musical instrument.

I search totorial about how to make diatonic accordions, but i didn't find any tutorial which it's can make in home. To make diatonic accordions instrument it's need a lot of part to make a tone. I think spare part of diatonic accordions very hard to get it personally.  Maybe you can get spare parts of diatonic accordions from your friend who work at musical instrument factory.

I find any video on youtube about make diatonic accordions instrument . I share one video for you in this blog post, it's showed about how diatonic accordions made.This video uploaded by youtube user with username falcanary. This video have been watched about more than 73,395 in this time. From the comments of that video i know that to make this musical instrument you need many spare parts of this musical instrument. Many spare parts can buy on italy. This is the video guys.

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