Make a Shamisen

Make a Shamisen musical instrument. Today i will share about shamisen musical instrument. Shamisen is an japanese musical instrument. This musical instrument look like a guitar. If guitar have six string, this musical instrument only have three strings.Beside it, this musical instrument haven't hole like a guitar. This musical instrument played using Bachi, an pick for play shamisen.

This is the preview sound of shamisesn i embed this player from wikimedia which share about shamisen musical instrument.  It's have an unique sound and very vibrate. This musical instrument usually made from woods. Have Square shape with arch at the tip. The Woods coated using animal skin. I know it from wikipedia.

I think if you want to make this musical instrument at you home you can use another materials which easy find at your home. You can change the skin of the animals just using a ballon. You can use string guitar as shamisen string. If you didn't have wood to make framework for your shamisen musical instrument you can use PVC pipe or bamboo. Okay if you ready with your materials, you can make it now, just follow this video to make a shamisen.

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