Make a Simple Harp

Today i will share about make a simple harp video. I am sory before, i late for update my blog, so you waiting my new post about how to make an instrument so long. Today i write before i am going to study, i hope this post can still give you inspiration although i'm in a hurry. I searching about make a harp today, do you know what i get today?

Harp is a musical instrument which usually made from woods and metal parts. You can look at the picture, it's picture of  a harp. You can see there are many parts, you can see head, tuning pins, neck, knee, column, strings, body, soundboard, foot and pedal. For detail information you can watch this video which i find on youtube.

Harp (images from wikipedia)
 This video titled Harps : How to make a simple harp. This video uploaded by ehow youtube user account and this video have been watched for 14.335 have 14 likes and 9 dislike, but on the comments are i know that this video not showing how to make a simple harp clearly, so maybe you can watch the second video.
The second video title building celtic harp, this video have been watched 16,379 times and it's have 20 likes without dislike, so i think this video can help you, but you must watch all of the video that i embeded in this post to get a lot of inspiration to make a simple harp. Okay now i must prepare to go study don't forget to get back in my simple blog, i will share about how to make an instrument

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