Music Can Give Me Power

Music can give me power, do you know why? I think every people ever have a problem. Maybe problem with family or another people. Many people hear a music to make better feels.  But, are music can make your problem solved? I know the answer, music just for make your feels more better, usually a problem can be solving when us in good feeling.

Usually music which can make better feels is intrumental music. I like instrumental music like kitaro instrumental music. That instrumental music very soft, like a cold through the heart. Maybe you think that i over, but you can do it at your home to know what i feel, because i can't find a best world to state my feelings when i hear a instrumental music from kitaro. I think you can hear it at night before you sleep, it's can make you calm.

But when you calm, don't leave your problem. You still need solving your problem, with your calm ofcourse. Many people search seek refuge from music, but they didn't solving their problem. So i think people like that didn't recieve power from music and just recieve runaway from music. Music is like a knife, there are sharp part and blunt part also. So are you know which you want to choose?

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