Onslaught of Technology, Would Musical Instrument Become Extinct?

Onslaught of Technology, Would Musical Instrument Become Extinct? Everday technology growing up very fast. Technology not only about industrial company but also growing up fastly in musical instrument. You can find a lot of software in app stores about musical instrument, and it's free, so many people use software to play musical instrument. How about phisic musical instruments? are it's will die?

I think it's can't die, like a radio, radio can't die though television have more powerfull. But ofcourse losing a lot of enthusiasts with radio. I don't want musical instrument have a story like a radio. I don't want people search about musical instrument software but i want people search how to make an instrument.  Because i think technology will make us lazy.

Make musical instrument have a lot of benefit like you can hone your creativity, and you can create jobs.  You must try to imagine, when you deify the technology, maybe your life more easily but ever you think about what you loss when you use technology. Maybe you will loss human interaction, it's right? Just think in your imagine.

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