Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Make Wood Guitar Stand

In this post i still share video from Steve Ramsey like before this post. In this post i will share video about make wood guitar stand. Guitar stand is a tool which can hold your guitar in vertical position. But i think you can make your guitar stand un-mainstream, maybe you can make your own stand guitar in horisontal position or in inverted position. Haha you must be creative, and maybe this video can help you give inspiration.

Make Multi-function stomp box / tambourine / cajon

This is very unique musical instrument. This musical instruments have multi-munction. In one musical instrument you can play more than three musical intrument kinds. I don't know about the name of this musical instrument, Steve Ramsey didn't give name in this musical instrument. This musical instrument can play up to three musical instrument kinds like stomp box, tambourine and cajon. Are you interest about it? watch this video about make multi-function stomp box / tamborine / cajon.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Make Pan Flute Out Of Straw for Kids

Pan flute or pan pipe usually made from bamboo. Many bamboo cut in different size, and stacked in two parts. In this section i will share something new and unique. I will share about how to make pan flute out of straw for kid video to you. To make this musical instrument from straw very easy, because a straw more formed easily. So you can make this musical instrument with your kids, just follow this video.

Amazing Percussion Battle

I found amazing percussion battle video on youtube. This video uploaded by Gentleman1911 at 2008. This video about percussion battle Perfect Storm (BSU) and Orange Thunder (VSU). When i was child i wanna be marching band member. It's look like very funny, around the city, use a marching band uniform, a lot of people watch me in carnaval. Like in this video guys.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Make Electric Thumb Piano

Thumb piano or kalimba usually made from woods and metal key. Many creative people usually make this musical instrument from unique materials, like from sardine can or anything. Today i find one amazing video on youtube. I found video about a man who made an electric musical instrument based on thumb piano. This musical instrument only have 4 keys,i think it's not an electric thumb piano. It's only a musical instrument based on thumb piano, because only have 4 keys. I think if he upgrade the musical instrument with a lot of key, it's can called electric thumb piano. Look at the video make electric thumb piano guys.

Make Inexpensive Harmonica Mics

Many times a ago i share about how to make harmonica musical instrument. Today i share video about make inexpensive harmonica mics. Thanks to isaacullah for upload this video on youtube. I think this video very usefull, there are many positive comment in youtube page. Like comment from BlisterOnTheMoon, he say that he also make harmonica mics using telephone element, bycycle Head light and its work fully. I think you can get inspired to when you watch the videos.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Make Maracas From Recyclables

Maracas is an unique musical instrument. I think maracas is a instrument which very easy to make it at your home then another musical instrument. In this post i will share one video about make maracas from recyclables. In this video you will showed about make maracas from lamp and from newspaper. Very unique guys, you can play music and save the earth when working with second-hand goods.

Make a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Guitar

I never know about gibson les paul guitar before, i think it's a merk of a guitar. I check it in a news site, that's right. Les Paul is a man who found guitar musical instrument. Many people claimed that guitar with les paul merk is have a great quality. Les Paul be a standard size for proffesional guitarist. What is different les paul guitar with another guitar? I don't know, i found this video in youtube, video about how to make Make a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Guitar. I think there are nothing special with the guitar, like same as another guitar. Haha, i am not a guitar player, i think if your are guitar player you know what is special in les paul guitar. By the way, Les Paul founder of guitar was die in 94 Th. He is very cool, founder of international musical instrument.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Make Lute In Five Minutes Tutorials

Lute is an musical instrument like a guitar. I think lute have more soft tone then a guitar. This musical instrument very suitable for make instrumental song. In this post i will share video about how to make lute in five minutes tutorials. This video not showed how to make lute in five minutes, but only show how to make it in five minutes video duration. Enjoy it guys.

Make Electric Midi Xylophone

Xylophone usually made from woods. You must hit it to make a tone. Every key have a different tone. Size and materials make it have a different tones. If you use woods as material you need detail size from thicknes, long and anything. If you make electric midi xylophone i think you don't need detail size. Because it's an electric instrument, only need electronic tools to make xylophone. This is video about how to make electric midi xylophone, in this video use a CPU case as a body.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Make an Electric Piano

Are you ever unload your piano? I ever unload my piano, there are many string in the body. The string can make a tone when it hit by the piano beats. It's so confuse, if you want to make a piano, you need a lot of string. But when i look this video, there are haven't string, and it can make a tone. Beside haven't string this piano very small, portable. This piano just using electrical equipment. Want to know how to make an electric piano? watch this video guys.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

History of Chinese Musical Instrument

I know that china have a lot of musical instrument. In many movie i know that china famous with lute musical instrument. But i don't know are lute is from China or not. In this video we will learn about history of chinese musical instrument. This Video have two part. I embed that video in this post. With learn history of musical instrument i think it make we more appreciate musical instrument.

Make Your Own Electric Guitar

I share about guitar again today, but different with another post, today i share about make your own electric guitar. I think is so easy if you make an accoustic guitar. It's only make a body for your guitar and you must place many strings in your guitar. But ever you think about how electric guitar can make a tone. Electric guitar haven't hole in their body, but how the string can make beautiful tone? Lets watch this video guys, there are 3 parts video about make your own electric guitar.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Unique Cooking Percussion

You can create music everywhere with anything. You can play music with your body or you can create music using something around you. Like in this video, they use cooking tools to make music. Awesome guys, when you make music from kitchen tools, it's hear so crunchy and delicious. Haha it's only my imagination, try to hear it guy, check this out.

Make Paper Xylophone

Xylophone is a musical instrument which usually made from wood. Xylophone is from yunani language, xylo is mean a wood. But in this video earthshinemusic4u share about make paper xylophone. What do you think? xylophone usually made from woods which usually have hard texture. When it made from paper, it can make a tone? Are this musical instrument willn't broken when hit using heater? Watch this video.

Make Native American Drum Oatmeal Box

This is my second post in this new domain, today i will share about how to make native American drum oatmeal box. This video uploaded by Learn Togrow. This video have been watched 1.636 views till now. This video have 7 likes, and have no dislike. Are you want to know it now? okay lets watch this video.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Chimes From Coat Hangers

In this post i share video from expertvillage again. In this section expertvillage share about how to make an instrument for your kids. You can make this musical instrument with your kids and you can play it. This musical instrument very easy to build. You just need coat hangers, strings and keys. With this video tutorial you can help your kids to make chimes from coat hangers.

Make Banjo Under 50$

You can make an unique musical instrument without spend a lot of money. This men make banjo under 50$. Banjo is look like guitar, wikipedia claimed that this musical instrument from africa and america. There are no detailed story about banjo musical instrument. I like call this musical instrument with "litle guitar" or "circle guitar". If you make this musical instrument using household and recycled items i think you can make it under 50$.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Make Oud Musical Instrument

Oud musical instrument is look like a guitar, it's have string. Wikipedia says that this musical instrument commonly used in Arabic. I search tutorial about how to make oud musical instrument but it's very hard to find it. Many video didn't show the detail materials or detail procedure to make this musical instrument. I only find this video, maybe it's more clear then another video in youtube.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Musical Instruments from recycled materials

If you have a lot of trash in your home, don't carelessly throw it. You can make a something wonderful with the trash if you have a unie idea. You can convert a lot of trash into a lot of craft. Just squeeze your imagination, find inovation and make your craft. On this video you will be showed about musical instruments from recycled materials. You can get inspiration from this video to make your craft with your trash. Save the earth, save your life.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make a Pen Pan Flute

This day i am search around youtube about musical instrument. Did you know what i find? I find a unique video about make a pen pan flute. This musical instrument look very unique because it's made from pen. Usually flute made from bamboo, wood or pvc pipe. xedocat a youtube user who upload this video claimed that make this musical instrument at 6th grade. I think very creative, can make unique musical instrument in 6th is awesome. This is the video, enjoy it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Make a Harmoni-Kazoo

Hei guys today i will share one video from Hal Walker. Hal Walker share a tips how to make a unique musical instrument in their youtube account. He called their musical instrument harmoni-kazoo. This musical instrument like a harmonica. You can make this musical instrument in your home. To make it you just need rubber bands and popsicle sticks. Okay enjoy this video about How to make a harmoni-kazoo.

Make a Gong Musical Instrument

Gong is an indonesian musical instrument, Gong is a part of gamelan musical instrument. This musical instrument made from metals (called kuningan in indonesia). On this post i can't show to you step by step how to make a gong musical instrument. But i think you can know it if you watch many videos here. There are some videos like a process making a gong gamelan in a factory. Enjoy this video guys.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Make your Own Harmonica Holder

Today i will share a video about make your own harmonica holder. Before this post i was post about how to make a harmonica. I think very hard to make a harmonica, you need a lot of tools to make this instrument. I think make harmonica holder is so easy, you don't need a lot of tools. Okay let's play this video which embeded from youtube, i hope you can enjoy this video.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Youtube Video About Whistle

Many days ago i was write about whistle that made from wood and from paper. On this post i will share 5 video about whistle in youtube. I think post many video in one post more efficient then share it one by one in a post. The first video i want to share to you is Willow whistle. 

Make an Ocarina Just Using Your Hand

Hey guys, i am sorry late post in yhis blog today. Today i will share a unique video about make an ocarina just using your hand. Haha, i find this unique video in youtube. I know this trick when i was child. When i was child i learn this trick maybe in one day. I don't know that this trick make a tone hear like a ocarina, because i know ocarine recently.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Make a Whistle from Wood in Five Minutes

Yesterday i write about how to make a whistle from paper. Today i write about make a whistle from wood in five minutes. This video is very simple, first step you need a little trunk. Cut the trunk maybe 5 or 10 cm. On the end of the trunk make a circle from pencil in the center. You need to make a hole on the center of the trunk. Use a drill to make your trunk perforated.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Make a Paper Whistle Less Than One Minute

I will share a video about make a paper whistle less than one minute in this post. There are a lot of tips to make a whistle in youtube.I find one very simple whistle this musical instrument made from paper. You can make this musical instrument less that one minute. You can make it with your children, you must beside your children because to make this musical instrument you need scissors.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Make a Rainstick from Household Items

In my country i can't find rainstick musical instrument. I think is so unique musical instrument. To play this musical instrument you just reverse the tube. The sound of this musical instrument hear like a rain fall. How can this musical instrument have a rain fall tone? This musical instrument made from tube which fill with small bean or anything have a particle shape. If you reserve the tube your particle rub against each other, so make a tone like a rain fall.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Make Stave Snare Drum Video

Today i sharing about make stave snare drum video. I never make a proffesional drum set before. I only ever made a drum set from kitchen tools when i was child. I search about how to make a drum set proffesional but i think  i can't do it in my home, because of the tools. To make stave snare drum like in this video you need a lot of tools, i think it's easy if you have the tools. But if you didn't have tools you can use this video to get inspiration to make stave snare drum easily with simple tools and materials.

Make Hohner Harmonica Video

I never write about harmonica before, i know about harmonica many years ago. When i was child i know my friend play their harmonica in front of me. When i was child maybe anything is so interest, my brother buy a harmonica. Thats musical instrument made from metal, and until now i can't play harmonica musical instrument.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Using Audiosauna to Make Music Online

Are you know Audiosauna? Audiosauna is a online tools to make music online. Although it's a online tools, it's not run slowly. You can try this online application at http://www.audiosauna.com/studio/ . To try this online application is very easy you don't need to register before, you don't need to spend your money because this application is free.

instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma

Hey you wanna know instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma, just go to itunes guys. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beyond-horizon-in...