Make an Ocarina Just Using Your Hand

Hey guys, i am sorry late post in yhis blog today. Today i will share a unique video about make an ocarina just using your hand. Haha, i find this unique video in youtube. I know this trick when i was child. When i was child i learn this trick maybe in one day. I don't know that this trick make a tone hear like a ocarina, because i know ocarine recently.

To do this trick firstly  you must put your right hand vertically. After you put your right hand, override with your left hand horizontally. Rotate your hand parallel to each other so that the thumb. Blow the hole, open slowly your hand, you get your tone now. Apart this trick hear like a ocarina or not i think this is so funny. You can make a music from your body part, like a beat box. GOD is all-perfect, they make our body which can be used for musical instrument.


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