Using Audiosauna to Make Music Online

Are you know Audiosauna? Audiosauna is a online tools to make music online. Although it's a online tools, it's not run slowly. You can try this online application at . To try this online application is very easy you don't need to register before, you don't need to spend your money because this application is free.

After you open that site there are will be showing a analog synth panel, there are showing a panel like a piano with many sound which you can choose. You can use keyboard note for test the sound, you can use a, s or d to test the sound which you choose. Behind the synth panel there are loop area, your note will be looping among the green panel, you can make the green panel more long or more short just scroll it with your mouse.

Okay to make a note in loops panel, use pencil to create note. Click the pencil and paste pencil into loop area. You must play it anytime to know your looping sound great. After you finish create your music using audiosauna you can save the project into .song file, just click file and save to may computer. If you want to save in .wav file you can export it, just click file and choose export looping to .wav file. Really it's easy guys, just try it.

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