Friday, May 31, 2013

Make National Reso-Phonic Guitar

In this post i will share about how to make national reso-phonic guitar. I don't know well what is reso-phonic guitar, i think you better watch this video, this video is about many part, but i only embed one video. This is a part one, you can watch the next part if you finish watch the first part in related video.

Custom Guitar Body Out Of Acrylic

Are you bored with your guitar body design? i think you can makeover or make your own guitar body. In this post i will share about custom guitar body out of acrylic. I share this video from youtubem there are a lot of video about custom guitar body, i choose this video because the guitar body have an unique design, it's transparant.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make Paper Alpenhorn

This is the video tutorial about how to make paper alpenhorn. This musical instrument not a craft, you can play this musical instrument. Do you know why this musical instrument called alpenhorn? this musical tone hear like elephant. Haha, maybe, it's only in my opinion.

Traditional Bali's Instrument out of Bamboo called Rindik

Today i will share traditional musical instrument from bali island, indonesia. This musical instrument made from bamboo. This musical instrument like a xylophone, you must hit the musical instrument to make a tone. But i am sory i can't find the tutorial how to make it. Maybe you can go to bali, and learn how to make rindik from bali's person.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make Trumpet Mute Out Of a Renuzit Air Freshener

In this video you will see about make trumpet mute out of a renuzit air freshener. If you didn't have renuzit air freshener i think you can find many shape like it. Thi mute easy to made at your home, you don't need spent a lt of money just for trumpet mute. I hope this video can give your inspiraiton. Maybe you not make trumpet mute like in this video, i think you can get inspired and make your own trumpet mute by your idea.

Make a Balloon Trumpet

Make a balloon trumpet is very easy, you can do it at your home without need a lot of giant materials. You only need a log balloon. Maybe this musical instrument like saxophones. But this musical instrument can't have a beautiful tone. This musical instrument only have beautiful shape. You can collect it on your room.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Make a Bass Using Fishing Line

I found something new today, in youtube i found video about make a bass using fishing line. Wow, this is so creative and inovative. This video tutorial for kids, so you can follow this tuturial at your home. This is didn't need a lot of materials, so you can make this musical instrument with your kids if you have. Okay enjoy this video about uniuqe musical instrument.

Make Panderio Jingles (Fazendo Platinelas)

Paderio mmusical instrument need some jingles to make a tone. When this musical instrument shake or hit, the jingles in this musical instrument will move and make a tone. The jingles in ther panderio very importan thing in panderio musical instrument. If you want to have a great tone, you need great jingles. This video tell about make panderio jingles (fazendo platinelas), with this part of instrument i think you can have more beautiful tone in your panderio.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Video about 6 Neck Guitar

Usually i know guitar with one or two neck. Usually in rock concert there are double guitar. The guitarist play it with full attraction. But are you know a man play more then two neck guitar. I found video that showed a man play six neck guitar. This is the video about 6 neck guitar which i found in youtube.

Make Cheap Guitar

I think you must need a lot of money if you want to make your own guitar in your home. Maybe your fee of your own guitar production more expensive than guitar from factory. This video will show you how to make cheap guitar.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Make Bottles Musical Instrument for Kids

You can make anything musical instrument from anything materials. You can use household item to make beautiful musical instrument. In this post i share about how to make bottles musical instrument for kids. You can do this activity for your weekend. I think your kids will be happy. You only need water, spoon and bottles. This is very easy and you only need little materials, try it guys.

Convert Accoustic Drum Into Electric Drum

You can convert accoustic drum into electric drum. You only need some electronic material for make your accoustic drum be electronic drum. I found cool video about it, But this is an experiment, no one can be perfect. Althoug not perfect the man who uploaded this video have an unique idea guys. You can make your own electric drum too, i wait you upload it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Make Straw Pan Pipes

Today i will share about homemade musical instrument. I share about make straw pan pipes, this musical instrument don't need a lot of materials. This musical instrument can made at you home, very good for week and activity with your children. Something awesome about this straw pan pipes is it's can play real notes although this is only homemade musical instrument.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Make Drum Out Of PVC

PVC easy to manage to be a musical instrument. Many musical instrument made from PVC like flute, whistle, didgeridoo and anything. Usually PVC use for aerophone musical instrument. But today i find someone who made percussion musical instrument from PVC. This video uploaded by DIYmarta, in this video you will be know how to make drum out of pvc.

Thumb Piano Guitar

Many people have creative idea, there are combine many musical instrument into one musical instrument. Like in this video i found on youtube today. I found video about thumb piano guitar. There are 8 string thumb piano guitar bass. This is the video guys, i think you can get inspired from this video. Maybe you get inspired to make another multifunction musical instrument, like combine flute and guitar or anything. I wait your creativity guys, upload on youtube and share it to me.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Make Musical Instrument Out Of Pepper

I post about healty musical instrument again today. I called it healty musical instrument because it's made fom vegetable. In this post i will share video about make musical instrument out of pepper. In this section, in the video you will look about shaker musical instrument from pepper. You can buy the materials in the market, like some nuts and a pepper. Okay lets enjoy this video guys.

Vegetable Musical Instrument Orchestra

I think musical instrument from vegetable it the most unique musical instrument in the world. Because its playable and eatable. After you happy play your musical instrument you can eat your musical instrument. Musical instrument so healty, this musical instrument contains a lot of vitamins. I found video about vegetable musical instrument orchestra, i hope this video can inspiring you create your unique homemade musical instrument.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Play Mozart using Water Glasses Musical Instrument

I found unique video today about water glasses musical instrument. In this video you can look a man play mozart using water glasses musical instrument. There are a lot of glasses, from small glass into big glass.The man play using two hand. He touch the upper of the glass, arround it, and make a beautiful tone. Enjoy this video.

Make an Irish Penny Whistle

Today i am sick guys, but i willn't stop to share with you all my blog reader. Thanks for visit my blog before. In this section i will share video about make an irish penny whistle. I have a lot of post about whistle in this blos, but i think this is unique than other. This video tutorial uploaded by illustriousredhead. Okay Let's enjoy this video.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Build Guitar Case

Guitar is sensitive musical instrument. This musical instrument very easy to broken, usually guitar skin very easy to broken. You must place your guitar in better place. You can save your guitar in guitar case. If you want to buy guitar case i think it's too expensive. You can build guitar case in your home, this video can help you to make your own guitar case. Enjoy this video guys, there are two parts video.

How to Blue Burst a Les Paul Guitar

Are you want to make your les paul guitar look so cool? you can modification or you can make your guitar map full design. Like the man in this video, he blue burst their les paul guitar, into have a cool color. The guitar design with blue burst look so elegant. If you want to make your guitar like that you can follow step by step in this video about how to blue burst a les paul guitar.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How To Sharpie a Guitar in Minutes

You can make your guitar look so cool. You can sharpie your guitar, in this video you can get tutorial how to sharpie a guitar in minutes. In this video you can use markers to draw in your guitar body. 

Make Custom Guitar Pick

Usually many band member have a small gift to their fans. They give many things in their body to the fans, like a t-shirt or shoes. Ever you know what things given by guitaris on their fans? usually they give guitar pick to their fans. Hey they just give a little small pick, what special with the pick? why the fans so happy? usually the pick have a unique design which identitiy of the guitaris in the pick. They give pick which you can't find in the market. You want to make it too? you can watch this video to get inspiration to make custom guitar pick.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Make Duduk Armenian

Duduk is armenian musical instrument, i know it from wikipedia. Duduk is look like a flute. Made from woods and have many hole. To play this musical instrument like you play flute, blow it and close some hole. But i think this musical instrument have more smoothly sound then another flute. Maybe it's have soft tone because the material of this musical instrument. It's use apricot tree. Id you want to know how to make duduk armenian, watch this video guys, and liste the soft music.

Make Music Use Your Mouth

Are you know someone who can make music without any musical instrument? usually they make their mouth to make musical instrument tone. You can make tone of any musical instrument with your mouth like DJ musical instrument. This art called beatbox. There ara many beatbox comunity around your city, you can learn there. or if you want to self learning you can get a lot of video tutorial about beatbox in youtube, like in this video about Make Music Use Your Mouth. This is a beatbox tutorial for beginers.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Make Shaker Musical Instrument for Preschool Activities

I ever post like this musical instrument before, i ever share about maracas. And in this section i will share something like that, but very simple because this musical instrument dedicated for preschool activities. This musical instrument not called maracas because it's not a maracas, but like maracas. This musical instrument called shaker by the uploader video, Dane Robinson. Okay let's watch make shaker musical instrument for preschool activities video guys.

Learn Musical Instrument for Kids

Have a long time with your kids but you have no action? haha, i think you can learn with your kids about musical instrument. You can tell to your kids many kinds of musical instrument. If you have no musical instrument, you can show your kids video to tell about musical instrument in the world. This is video about learn musical instrument for kids, you can use this video to learn together with your kids.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Make Tubas

Are you ever know how to make tubas? in this post i will share how made it. Tubas is look saxofone or trumpet. You must blow it to make your musical instrument have a cool tone. If you want to make tubas, i think you can't make it at your home, because this musical instrument need a lot of material. Beside it, it's need a lot of tools except you have tools and material to make it. The tools is so big, it's factory standart. Okay let's watch this video, i think it's will give you inspiration.

Whistle Birdcall From Your Hand

I ever share before about make musical instrument just using your hand. Now i will share it again but this is different trick. With this trick you can make a tone like a bird. In this easy tutorial you can change your tone into different tone by open your finger. This trick have a lot of variation tone. Okay guys let's watch this video about whistle birdcall from your hand. I hope you can enjoy this video.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make Bagpie Musical Instrument

Are you know what is bagpie? bagpie is a musical instrument from scotland. Haha i know it from scotland, if its wrong i hope you tell to me. Bagipie is like a flute in the bag. There is a video step by step how to make bagpie musical instrument. I hope this video can help you guys, dont forget to upload your own bagpie into youtube and share it. I wait you guys, speed up your inovation.

Musical Instrument From Recycled 5 Cool Videos

Today i will share about musical instrument from recycled 5 cool videos. The videos found on youtube, i hope this video can give you inspiration to make your own musical instrument from recycled materials. With this motion i think you can play music and save the earth. Ever you think how much trash you can produce in one day? and ever you think that your trash can burn your earth?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Make PVC Overtone Flute in 3 Minutes

In this video, there are 3 finger holes so this musical instrument like a mini-fujara. This musical instrument made from pvc pipe. Someone who upload this video called this musical instrument as Overtone Flute or Koncovka. This video very unique, there are showed how to make pvc overtune flute in 3 minutes. It's so cool guys, you can make a musical instrument less then hour.

Make a Paper Noisemaker

Before this post i have been share about rattle noisemaker. That musical instrument so cool. I think a lot of you didn't have skill to make craft with woods material. It's need a lot of tools and need a long time. So i share more simple noisemaker which you can make it at your home. This noisemaker only made from paper guys. Watch this video about make a paper noisemaker for details.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Make Wood Rattle Noisemaker

Every you celebrate your children brithday, and it's so bored? I think you leave somenthing small. Maybe it's a noisemaker musical instrument. With noisemaker i think your child birthday party willn't bored. In this post i will share unique musical instrument noisemaker, this musical instrument called rattle noisemaker. To play this musical instrument you can shake this musical around. And this video will help you to make wood rattle noisemaker.

Make A Box to Hold Guitar Picks

Many guitar player using picks to play their musical instrument. String of guitar made from metal, it's very hard for your soft hand. You can use picks to help you play guitar. Many picks very cheap, you can buy it in music store. But maybe the design or the size not as you want. So you can make your own picks.

But many picks is to small, you can loss you picks easily. Lets watch this video about make a box to hold guitar picks to get inspiration.To save your picks.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Make Classic British 18W Tube Guitar Amp Kit

Before this post i share abour guitar amplifier from old radio. Now i will share about make classic british 18W Tube Guitar Amp Kit. On this section i share video from TubeDepotTV,okay enjoy this video guys.

Make Guitar Amplifier Using Old Radio

Hey you don't need spent a lot of money again to buy amplifier for your guitar. Are you ever thing that you can make your old guitar as amplifier? It's awesome guys, i know this from youtube. Haha, A lot of inovation i found on youtube. Are you creative and inovastive person? don't save it for yourself, share on youtube guys, so a lot of people can get inspired because of you. Okay watch this video about make guitar amplifier using old guitar.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Make Tube Guitar

Today i will share a musical instrument out of the trash again. Today i will share one unique musical instrument idea. This musical instrument called Tube Guitar or Tube-tar. This musical instrument based on tube, with string around them. This musical instrument look like sasando in Rote Island in Indonesia. To make tube guitar you can follow the instruction in this video.

How to Twirl a Drumstick

Are you a drum player, or you ever look drum player twirl their drumstick? I think a lot of you ever look it. If you try to twirl a drumstick, i think it will very hard at first time. When you try to twirl your drum stick everyday, it's will be easy.Okay this is video tutorial how to twirl a drumstick, i hope it's can help you.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Repair Panderio to Have More Sounds Good

Many musical instrument which made from factory is have a minimal standart. You can't say "perfect" to the musical instrument. You can repair panderio to have more sounds good. On this post i will share about how to repair panderio. In this post, step for make panderio have more sounds good is replace panderio jingles with haffner & perander jingles. To know how to work with it, watch this video.

Make a Square Panderio

Usually panderio build with circle shape but i found something unique. There are panderio in square shape, i found square panderio in youtube, this video uploaded by Gittit Szwarc. Very creative, beside this panderio have square shape, this musical instrument made from recycle materials. To make this musical instrument you just need wood, plywood, nail and drink cap. Follow the instruction in this video about make a square panderio guys.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Secret of Make Guitar String

Are you ever make your own musical instrument using guitar string? I think you very creatvie when make your own musical instrument. When you make your own electric guitar or accoustic guitar, are you made your own guitar string? I think a lot of people use a guitar sctring from industries. And i think you don't know secret of make guitar string. Are you want to know it? let's watch this video guys.

Make a Wind Chimes

Make a wind chimes is very easy. This is not a hard musical instrument, you can make this musical instrument without detail calculation. You only need many tube, thread, beater, and something which easy to blown by the wind. Oh maybe you don't know what is chimes before? wind chimes is a musical instrument which will make a tone when it blown by the wind, but its not like a flute. When this musical instrument blown by the wind, the beater will hit the tube, so it's make tone. Watch this video for details.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Make a Door Harp Using Elmer's School Glue

Before this post, i have been share about make a door harp. And in this post i will share about make a door harp using elmer's school glue video. This post different then another post about door harp in this blog. This video share about make a simple door harp which easy design, and very simple to make it. I think you can make this musical instrument with your kids.

Make a Door Harp

This is like a harp, but this musical instrument on the door. It's called door harp. I don't know what the function of this musical instrument. Are your guest will play music before go to your room. haha, maybe it's made for bell. Okay to make it you need a wood and string. For tutorial you can watch this video about make a door harp from steve ramsey, and he also give the template, you can download it here

instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma

Hey you wanna know instrument played by pandit shivkumar sharma, just go to itunes guys.